5 Things your Hairstylist should know.

Ever wonder exactly what your stylist should know about you🤔🤔

There are things you should let your stylist know. New or someone you have been with for a long you should still letting them know to give you the best service.

If you have started any medications? Medications can stay in your hair for around 3 months. Some can make your loss hair. They can even cause dry, and brittle hair. In turns cause even a fresh color to look dull.

Please don't say to her make me look beautiful.

You are beautiful the way you are created. People's styles changes over time and they may not understand you are wanting to changes things up. So bring a pic in and have a conversation about it you like and dislike. The stylist can help you design a style just right for you.

You got in a pinch and used a box color. Although your stylist is probably gonna give you the mom look tell them ANYWAY. Boxcolor is horrible for your hair and exhausting for your stylist. If you ever want to go lighter or change the color it is extremely hard. Penetrating thru the metallic salts is near to impossible. You probably are not getting the exact color you want. Probably 2 hours longer of a service and let's forget some charge 125 an hour to fix it.

What kind if products you use daily. Shampoo should be sulfate free. Sulfates cause product build up. With Build up it coats the hair and the color is hard to get thru the cuticle for a permanent color. You may need to clarify your hair before your service.

Have you ever used over the counted spray in color

Get you know your stylist and be open and honest With them. Working g together to create a plan that gives you the style you want. Long term the stylist and you will feel great about your hair goals.

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